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Utility forceps

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Utility forceps are tweezer shaped surgical instruments which are used for holding delicate tissues such as the conjunctiva, lid tissues and other ophthalmic tissues. Utility forceps basically consist of tips connected to straight or curved shafts which are then attached to handles. The tips of utility forceps are serrated and atraumatic meaning that they are designed to provide sufficient grip or traction without damaging or traumatizing delicate tissues.

Utility forceps come in a variety of lengths with most designs having an overall length of between 3 ½ inches to 4 ½ inches. The shafts can also be grooved to provide sufficient traction for use by the surgeon’s hands. Utility forceps have the option of having handles which are flat, rounded or narrow to suit the surgeon’s preferences. Some manufacturer’s also design the tips with different angles allowing the surgeon to reach difficult to reach tissues.

Having the right type of utility forceps ensures that the operation goes smoothly without increasing the risks and complications associated with ophthalmic procedures. The forceps should also be easy to handle and be made from high grade materials such as stainless steel, titanium or a combination of both.

At Rumex International Co. we provide a selected range of high quality utility forceps. The forceps are made from high grade titanium which ensures durability and the ability to withstand several sterilization techniques. Our utility forceps come in a variety of styles and designs to appeal to the surgeon’s preferences and the type of surgery being conducted.

Alternative analogs and Customized Instruments are available upon request.

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