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ESCRS 2013 Special Promotion

Pre-order and receive your instruments at ESCRS!

30%  discount for pre-orders made till 20th September 2013!

You don’t have to search for items running from booth to booth, looking for special offers and prices. Making a pre-order now you dedicate more time to the meetings with your colleagues, education and new practices exchange. All pre-ordered instruments will be delivered right to the booth and you pick it up without standing in the line.

30% - a discount for Full Instrumentation Sets!

Quote 'Pre-order' when ordering to receive 30% discount for all the webstore’s items!

Most Popular solution for Cataract Surgery

4-03314T (2 ENGRAVINGS) / 4-03315T (6 ENGRAVINGS)

Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps
$ 387

  • CURVED Jaws for better visibility!
  • The engravings are designed to aid the surgeon in making a perfect size capsulorhexis by allowing to measure as needed while in the eye
  • Cystotome tips allow to make first pinch
  • Ultra-thin profile of this accurate Utrata forceps for capsulorhexis allow to make a perfect capsulorhexis

Frequently Bought Together items:

Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps + 7-0634 Lesieur Hydrochopper
Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps + 4-0600T- Castroviejo Suturing Forceps
$ 750
12-209-23 Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps + Nagahara Phaco Chopper & Drysdale Nucleus Manipulator, Double Ended
$ 687

7-0634/I  LESIEUR HYDROCHOPPER, 20 GA  - Security Smooth Flat Chopper!

  • This unique design provides a tip that is efficient for chopping as well as manipulating the nucleus without endangering the posterior capsule
  • 20 Ga tip with Nagahara type chopper
  • The end opening port provides maximum irrigation
  • The dual oval sideports 0.5 x 0.7 mm provide supplemental irrigation to avoid surge, especially in the presence of high vacuum




  • Better vizualization with ULTRATHIN 2 mm ring
  • Calibrated every 10 degrees from 0° to 180°
  • 4 grooves for marking pen (20-050)
  • Internal diameter 12 mm / External diameter 14 mm


LRI knife
3-1932 Whitehouse Gravity Axis marker (Reduced diameter) + 2-034T Grooved Fine Mendez Degree + 3-090T Bores Axis Marker + 6-322/6-0531 LRI Knife
LRI instruments
3-1932 Whitehouse Gravity Axis Marker (Reduced diameter) + 3-090T Bores Axis Marker + 2-034T Grooved Mendez Degree


3-1932 Whitehouse Gravity Axis marker Reduced diameter!

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