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Intraocular Lens (IOLs)

A New Generation of aspheric lenses – Hydro-Sense, AquaFree and AquaFree Yellow Bi-sign optic design takes into account a broad range of aberrations arising with the lens misalignment. Bi-sign lens enables better image quality under a variety of real world conditions.

Whether clear or yellow, hydrophilic or hydrophobic, RUMEX IOLs are designed to compensate for aberrations of the eye to achieve exceptional vision and optical performance - even in cases of clinically occurring IOL misalignment.

  • Suitable for MICS procedure
  • Low refractive index of hydrophilic material
  • Improved image quality & contrast sensitivity
  • Refractive index is equal to PMMA
  • No glistening!
  • Double square edge design
  • The entire range of refraction
  • Good for low light conditions

Viscosurgical devices (OVDs)

Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Device (OVD) is viscoelastic solution used in eye surgery also referred to as viscoelastic agents. Their introduction has had a profound influence on the evolution of extracapsular and phacoemulsification surgery, and their use has decreased the incidence of corneal edema as a complication of phaco surgery.

OVDs contain one or more of the following substances in varying concentrations: sodium hyaluronate, chondroitin sulfate, or hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.


  • the ability to flow like thick liquids
  • the consistency of syrup


  • more solid than liquid
  • the consistency of gelatin

Silicone Oil

Silicone Oil is a special liquid which is designed for the retinal endotamponade after vitrectomy


  • Transparency
  • High refractive index (1,4)
  • Low density (0,96±0.02)
  • Low interface tension
  • Not toxic long polymers


  • Excellent visualization of the posterior segment
  • Does not make difficulties for laser coagulation of the retina (laser calibration for refractive index 1.4)
  • Prolonged tamponade
  • High biocompatibility
  • Easy injection and removal from eye

Not available in USA

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